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We’re inspired by plants’ amazing ability to provide food, clothing and energy. Driven by their power to meet some of humanity’s most pressing needs, we constantly find new ways of bringing plant potential to life. By improving crop productivity and farming methods, we enable growers to feed a growing global population safely and sustainably.

Responding to our stakeholders

Last year we had 150 listening sessions all over the world, where we engaged over 300 key influencers in the agriculture food chain to hear from them what agriculture technology companies like Syngenta need to do to better address sustainability.

Four key areas that they want us to focus even more on: climate change, biodiversity, water and residues.

We are going to put climate change, and biodiversity, at the center of our innovation, alongside farmers’ needs. We’re going to strive for the lowest residues in crops and the environment and we’re going to invest in solutions that matter most to farmers and the environment. I think if you look historically, we’re a science-based company that has been having a very positive impact in these areas.

But there’s more we can do. We can engage with partners across the value chain to ensure that the new technologies we develop and the way we apply them together with farmers has a bigger impact.

But we’re also going to have lots of partnerships, with universities, with NGOs, food companies, and people across the value chain to define exactly what the goals are we’re all trying to achieve together.

We’re going to take our investments in technology, and we’re going to invest them in a way that not only continue to address farmers’ needs, but continue to address the broader needs of society, so that we can have more impact, and it’s better understood.

About Syngenta

Syngenta is a global leader in agriculture; rooted in science and dedicated to bringing plant potential to life. Each of our 28,000 employees in more than 90 countries work together to solve one of humanity’s most pressing challenges: growing more food with fewer resources. A diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace environment are enablers of our – more... 

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